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Lights are green for a career in Australia

All eyes may be on Melbourne for the start of the Formula One season, but as the chequered flag falls, it need not be the end of the excitement if you choose to get your career on track in the world’s ‘second most liveable’ city. Melbourne appears to have it all; a thriving economy, a fulfilling lifestyle and excellent career opportunities.

Melbourne is fast building a reputation for offering life-changing opportunities and for those with experience in the automotive industry, you are in pole position! The Victorian automotive manufacturing sector employs around 30,000 people. The Government has introduced a $6.7million (AUD) programme to encourage further growth within the industry, while also serving to provide an exciting platform for those looking to get their career on the road to success. The Victorian Automotive Manufacturing Action Plan (VAMAP) aims to help companies compete internationally by using a range of initiatives, including a Skills Development programme, and through investment in new technologies such as hybrids and alternative fuels. Automotive electricians are among those who have great prospects in Melbourne and the surrounding area.

A Skills Australia report claims: “Shortages have persisted over the past few decades and employers continue to report difficulties recruiting qualified and experienced automotive professionals and tradespersons, and unemployment is low”.

Nathan Cox, Skilled and Business Migration Manager for the Government of Victoria says that skilled candidates with experience can benefit from Victorian Government sponsored visas, which are being offered for a number of automotive professions. “In terms of visa sponsorship”, he says, “preference is given to applicants with more than five years’ relevant experience”.

He adds: “The offer of visa sponsorship is currently extended to motor mechanics, sheetmetal trades workers, panel beaters and vehicle painters, with five years’ experience a requirement for all but mechanical engineers.”

Moving to Victoria means relocating to the home of 60 per cent of Australia’s automotive industry. The state is one of only a few locations worldwide that cross the design, engineering and manufacturing spectrum, producing quality vehicles from concept to complete product for both domestic and global markets. This broad capability is enforced by highly-skilled workers and world-class suppliers, with generations of expertise behind them thanks to Melbourne’s vehicle manufacturing history spanning more than 100 years. The appeal of this automotive stronghold is pulling not only employees from abroad but also international companies such as General Motors, Toyota, Ford, Kenworth and Iveco.

To offer a further impression of this scale, over 100 manufacturers collectively account for $5billion (AUD) in annual component production. Attractions for Victorian automotive workers include numerous training opportunities and an emphasis on working with research and development institutes to ensure a greener automotive future through innovative technological solutions; 75% of Australia’s automotive research and development is realised in Victoria.

While the UK’s economy is feeling the pinch, the timing of a move to Melbourne and Victoria could not be better. The region has resisted the impact of global recession so that concerns about career development, training, redundancy, VAT increases and falling house values barely register. This ensures those who make a new start in Victoria may enjoy a lifestyle free from many of the worries afflicting the UK currently.

Families in Victoria can feel safe in a genuine community atmosphere, while watching their children benefit from a high standard of education. The younger generation have the chance to embrace the excitement and adventure offered by Victoria’s natural geography. This is not simply based on hearsay; the latest annual survey conducted by the Economist Intelligence Unit names Melbourne in the world’s top two ‘most liveable’ cities, more than 50 places higher than London. 30 factors are taken into consideration, including healthcare, culture, environment, education and personal safety.

As well as job opportunities then, the quality of life in Victoria is no doubt one of its biggest draws, and the state has become one of the world’s greatest migration success stories. There is no sense of being a foreigner for newcomers, as 180 languages are spoken by the five million-strong Victorian population who have roots in more than 200 countries. 70 per cent of the people in Australia’s second most-populous state live in Melbourne, and almost a quarter of them were born overseas.

As the Formula One circus revs its way through Melbourne, it reminds us of the strength of the city’s automotive industry. Victoria’s capital hosts several major events on both four wheels and two, from the Australian Grand Prix itself to Moto GP. Beyond motorsport, just about every sporting taste is catered for at the highest level, not forgetting Andy Murray’s now regularly strong showings at the Australian Open. Major events are big business for the local economy, adding over $1 billion (AUD) each year. The city’s unrivalled sporting attraction is recognised globally; Melbourne has been named as the number one city to host a sports event by SportBusiness International magazine three times in a row.

If a visa-sponsored move to a centre for motorsport and the automotive industry appeals to you, then a single-stop strategy taking you straight to Melbourne may be just what you are looking for. You can find out all the information you need at


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