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Do you have the skills Australia needs ?

There are still opportunities for skilled workers from the UK to emigrate to Australia. Several Australian states are actively looking for workers with the skills that Australia needs.

In particular, healthcare, engineering and construction professionals are in demand across Australia as skills shortages begin to bite.  The Australian election is looming on the 21st August, and both the major parties have committed themselves to cutting immigration numbers – and numbers have already fallen by around 20% on last year already.

Industry bodies are aghast at the prospect of losing a major source of skilled labour ;  James Pearson, the chief executive of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Western Australia, told the BBC that he believes plans to restrict immigrant numbers are short-sighted.

“Australia is a migrant-based society,” he says. “We’re one of the few parts of the developed world which really is crying out for new, skilled workers.

“The real danger to Western Australia, and the Australian economy more broadly, is that if we can’t fill the jobs that are being created, then some projects will be delayed, some may not even go ahead and all of the knock-on effects that ripple through the economy will therefore be lost,”

And the government of Western Australia, together with the migration teams from other states like ACT and South Australia, will be at the Down Under Live event in September to recruit people with specific skills.

If you are interested in a new job and new life in Australia and are in a skilled occupation, then you can apply for free tickets to both Down Under Live events in London and Birmingham in September.

To find out more, call the ticket hotline on (0)1179 323586 or visit the website –


11 Responses to Do you have the skills Australia needs ?

  1. Al says:

    Hello, I am a certified electrician from California . I would be interested in knowing what the process is to work in Ausralia. Thank you.

  2. phyllis says:

    what skills do i need to have to live/work in Australia.

  3. james quinn says:

    Hi I’m james from Scotland and i’m looking for work in any part of oz.I’ve already visited and worked in perth for almost a year and i am looking to return with my wife and two young sons.I am a trained plasterer and ceiling fixer flusher and am looking for a sponsored job in any area.I currently run my own small business plasterering for many happy clients and would be a great addition to any existing team.

  4. bill says:

    hello I am from Greece and I’m interested in studying or working in Australia as a maths and / or physics researcher. Does Australia provides opportunities for these types of researching professions and are they part of the skills Australia looks for?

  5. Kyeremeh Yeboah Russell says:

    i’m much interest in working in australia as a skill worker with certify dorcuments.

  6. Mary Edwards says:

    We are a family owned and operated business, specializing in the removal of calcium/scale deposits from tile, flagstone, brick, glass and many other types of surfaces. We work with the private sector as well as commercial projects. Our services include pools, spas, entrances to buildings/businesses (city buildings, parking lots, etc.) cemetary tombstones and markers. We use a blasting method, not to be confused with power washing.
    If interested, please contact me as I hope to making a visit to Australia in the next few months.

    Mary C. Edwards

  7. Andre says:


    Do you have any events planned for South Africa?

  8. Mohammed Hassan says:

    Hi and Good Morning,

    I am a educated and professionally skilled within the Sports, Health & Fintess in Management and within Sport Science as well as played professional soccer for Chelsea, Luton Town, Toronto FC, Montreal also the national team. I am looking to migrate to Australia orNew Zealand for a job within my Field.

    My question is are there any opportunities for me to get into sports industry? And if so, how?

    Kind Regards


  9. alexander bebelone says:

    how can i get jobs in australia or new zealand.

  10. alexander bebelone says:

    i am very interested to have and get skilled jobs in australia and new can i avail with this.

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