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The Aussie equivalent of NVQ

We’ve had a lot of readers enquiring whether or not Australia recognises the UK NVQ qualification. Australia actually operates its own version – the  Australian Qualifications Frame work – or AQF.


Certificate I   NVQ 1/GNVQ Foundation 
Certificate II NVQ 2/GNVQ Intermediate
Certificate III Â Â
Certificate IV   NVQ 3/Higher National Cerificate
Diploma  NVQ 4/Higher National Diploma 
Advanced Diploma Equivalent 
Bachelor Degree  Equivalent 
Graduate Certificate NVQ 4 
Graduate Diploma  Equivalent 
Masters Degree Equivalent 
Doctoral Degree  Â





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95 Responses to The Aussie equivalent of NVQ

  1. Chris Muwala says:

    I have a bachelor degree in biomedicine ,nvq level 4 in microbiology also nvq level 5 in diet and nutrition ;
    Do these qualification can help for me to migrate in Australia as a skill worker?

  2. Anthony says:

    Hi, I’m currently living in Victoria. I have my nvq level 3 in metal fabrication, how do I go about transferring them over to Australian certifications?

  3. vaughan Francis says:

    I have a U K BTEC Level 3 certificate in security management, can someone please tell me what the Australian equivalent is ?

  4. Bree says:

    hi i have a NVQ level 2 in hospitality in the uk but now live back in Australia i was just wondering what it would be equal to as im really not sure

  5. Amanda says:


    I have a FDA in Teaching and Learning (foundation degree) does anyone know the equivalent to this in NZ?

  6. sheree says:

    hi i am looking to move to new zeland with my family

    im currently about to start my hnc working with communties in scotland (community work , youth work )

    does my hnc transfer to new zeland



  7. Adele Victoria McCann says:

    Hi everyone,

    Would anyone happen to have any advice for a 31 year old looking to re-train in order to migrate to Aus? Looking into Plumbing NVQ Level 2&3 which seems to be likely to stay on the skills list longer… or Motorcycle Mechanics NVQ Level 2 & 3 which sounds like this will be taken off the skills list at some point but this is our preferred option! … researching both options and have come accross information that some NVQs in Plumbing are not legitimate ! You also need to work either full time in college (impossible with a mortgage and family) or as an apprentice (again, not great as you are not paid very well while training)… then you have to get your skills assessed again ! Surely it cant be that hard can it?

    Any advice/ information and guidance would be great 🙂

  8. Bailey Coburn says:


    Can anyone help me I am a qualified Enrolled nurse in New Zealand, what would this be recognized as in Scotland

  9. Carla Whiteman says:


    I’m Looking to move to Australia from the UK, I have a Level 3 BTEC National Certificate in Children’s Care, Learning and Development.

    Does anyone know what this is transferred into to work in Australia?
    Many Thanks

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