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The Aussie equivalent of NVQ

We’ve had a lot of readers enquiring whether or not Australia recognises the UK NVQ qualification. Australia actually operates its own version – the  Australian Qualifications Frame work – or AQF.


Certificate I   NVQ 1/GNVQ Foundation 
Certificate II NVQ 2/GNVQ Intermediate
Certificate III Â Â
Certificate IV   NVQ 3/Higher National Cerificate
Diploma  NVQ 4/Higher National Diploma 
Advanced Diploma Equivalent 
Bachelor Degree  Equivalent 
Graduate Certificate NVQ 4 
Graduate Diploma  Equivalent 
Masters Degree Equivalent 
Doctoral Degree  Â





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94 Responses to The Aussie equivalent of NVQ

  1. Poorni says:

    I want to know whether the NVQ 4 certificate for Modern Montessori International is valid if I am planning to work in Melbourne, Australia.

  2. Darshana says:

    I have sri lankan NVQ leve 4 certificate in Automotive mechanic. I am currently working as a Forklift mechanic in New Zealand. can i do a job in Australia from my current qualification and experience without gaining Australian qualification.

  3. rohan says:

    i have finished ((National Diploma in Information and Communication Technology) NVQ – Level 5 in Sri Lanka, is this accept by in Australia and UK ?

    if it accept
    what kind of level will be in Australia ?
    what kind of level will be in UK ?

  4. Michelle says:

    i have Diploma in Professional Studies in Adult Nursing from The University of Manchester, would this able me to work as a nurse in New Zealand

  5. Deborah says:

    I have just qualified with social services children and young people SCQF level 9 – 111 points – SVQ level 4 and am wondering what the equivalent qualification is in Australia? Thanjsx

  6. Andrew says:

    Hi iv been a joiner for 11 years but never beento collage I fall short on points if I do as killed assessment and not confident in the English test, iv spoke to my local college and I can be assessed at work and get my nvq2 in joinery is it try I can’t use the nvq for 3 years even tho iv been at same company 11 years doing joinery, I’m 31 now so time his behind me, thanks for your time

  7. sandy says:

    Hi , I have NVQ level 3 care and I am a registered nurse in UK with Diploma in professional studies in nursing. Is my NVQ 3 in care equivalent to Certificate III disabilities ?

  8. Rob Mills says:

    I am looking into emigrating to Australia, I have family in Brisbane who are Australian citizens.
    In the UK I work as a tutor/trainer delivering numerous courses mainly in the adult health and social care sector but also deliver courses that cater to young adults and children.

    I have level 2 NVQ in health and social care
    I have level 3 QCF diploma in health and social care
    I have PTLLS qualification in teacher training

    I would be grateful if you knew if my qualifications are recognised by Australia and if there is job opportunities in Queensland area, especially I Brisbane.



  9. Sam Binney says:

    I am moving to Australia next year for a year to work, when I will have a Level 1 or 2 diploma (QCF) in carpentry. Will these qualifications suffice to work as a site carpenter over there?
    Also are there apprenticeship options I could try?

  10. Antonia bowen says:

    Hi there, I have completed my foundation in nursing in New Zealand. I am planning to go back to the uk to do bachelor of nursing. I’m having difficulty of finding out the equivalent of foundation of nursing in nz to the UK equivalent thanks Antonia

  11. leanne jagger says:

    i havae a certificate 3 in aged care what is this if i go back to the uk? can anyone help

  12. Sarah crook says:

    Hi I have my cert 3 in early childcare services (Qld Australia) I have moved to nz and want to know what level my qualification is over in New Zealand . Thanks

  13. thiee says:

    i have got nvq level 3 in health & social care in uk. i was wondering if this is acceptable to an enrolled nurse in australia. thl

  14. Althaf says:

    I am Althaf and i have done NVQ level 3 in Autombile engineering in Sri Lanka.I am Planing to go Austalia for Further Studies,if so can i convert my qualification to AQF level 4 and continue my studies please help me…!!!!
    Thank you..!!

  15. deaf_angel21 says:

    Hi i’m a registered nurse in the philippines, and I have my UK NVQ 3 certificate in health and Social Care. My question is if I submit my documents to AHPRA (Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency) would I still be required to take the english exam (IELTS or OET).

  16. laura says:

    I have an svq 3 in health and social care, what is the New Zealand/ australian Equivalent and would my qualification be recognised?


  17. Emma says:

    Hi could anyone tell me what the new zealand equivalent is to the uk nvq level 2 hairdressing i have held this since 1996 and going back to college to do my level 3, would a level 2 be enough to gain emigration to new zealand,thanks emma.

  18. Mr B says:

    Hi there,
    I have an NVQ level 2 diploma in automotive glazing, what would the equivalent be for NZ?
    Any help appreciated,

  19. Kayleigh says:

    Hey would an NVQ level 3 be the equivalent to Australian cert IV?

  20. Katie says:

    Hi im currently working my way towards an SVQ in care are SVQs reconised in australia?

  21. Sarah Munro says:

    Hi I have a uk level 2 NVQ in child care what is that in Australia??

  22. NalinJerom says:

    hai.. its Nalin From Sri Lanka… i have passed NCICT (National Certificate in Information and Communication Tech.) and now i complete NVQ4 in Computer Graphic Design… do i have the chance to study more in Australia? plz response me i want to study in Aussie…

  23. jordan says:

    i have a nvq level 1 in plumbing just wanting to know if i wanted to move to aus would they take me on and let me finish my nvq level 1 out there

  24. christine mcleod says:

    hya i have my – hnc in social care and svq3 in drugs and o alcoholp woulf o b elegeble for a visa or sponsorship.

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