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Angry visa applicants launch online petition for Australian migration

Hundreds of applicants for Australian immigration visas have launched a petition that urges  the Australian Department of Immigration and Citizenship (DIAC) to change their minds over the processing priority changes made in September.

Under the changes, the waiting times for the General Skilled migration programme have been extended to up to 3 years, causing many applicants to turn to websites like Get Me Down Under to vent their frustration. The organizers of the petition make it very clear that they are unhappy with the Australian Immigration Department’s handling of the situation, saying,

It is unfair to make applicants wait even longer when we are so close to the end of what is a most stressful experience and have already spent thousands on medicals, police clearances and other associated costs which will now go to waste and probably have to be redone. Many of us have been involved with the immigration process for very long periods, some close to two years or more. Each time we get close to getting our visas, the rules change and our families are placed under further undue stress and we have to continue living in limbo.

Anyone wanting to add their own voice to the petition can do so here. Alternatively, why not come along to Down Under Live! in London on the 30th January to hear from a range of Australian migration experts and the representatives of the states own immigration departments on your next move.

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7 Responses to Angry visa applicants launch online petition for Australian migration

  1. pam collins says:

    Message to Father Simon i hope that you suffer hardship and are inconvenienced as you sound like a totally insensitive num nut perhaps you would do better as a politican unless you are one!

  2. pam collins says:

    Affected 3 times with DIAC’s changes withdrew an application in January 2009 to go for State Sponsorship to get priority only to get disadvantaged again in September. Lodged the475 regional sponsored provisional visa application on September 21st 2 days before the changes!! Was originally affected by the abolition of the 882 visa which was a pathway to permanent residency a few months after arriving in Australia during 2007. What about human rights? They say its legal to do this but i challenge it if enough applicants got together with a legal case against DIAC im sure something could be done about this.

  3. Ali Nouri says:

    I have lodged on 7 June 2007 (31 month ago) . My subclass is 136 which is renamed to 175 now. at the time of lodgement there was no priority list. but now I am affected two times by priorities.

    my life is highly affected while I have provided all docments my case officer requested such as evidence of employment 18 month ago and medical check results and police clearance 10 month ago.

    I was close to achieve my Visa…but now 31 month waiting….

  4. Father Simon says:

    If you are prepared to wait then stay where you are and wait until your skilled migration applications is approved. You don’t have a god given right to migrate to any country so if they change the procesing times then so be it. Typical poms complaining about things not happening…

  5. Raymond Wang says:

    I have withdrawn my application too was not only because the process would probably break up my family but also the related authority has a few problems themselves to treat a would-be migrant with compassion. I have also rejected my Vicar in St.Columbs who wanted to voice out for me to someone who had ruined one step of my application carelessly without any basic respect because I do believe the word from our mighty God, which is ” to overcome evil with good”. God bless Australian future.

  6. Helen Lee says:

    Whilst I feel sorry for those affected by the September changes, don’t forget those of us who were also very close to being processed when the rules changed in December 2008. We applied for our visa in Feb 2008, and were told it would take about 4 – 7 months to process. The processing times in 2008 were dire and DIAC had just got through to the Jan 2008 applications when the rules changed. We are now also in one the processing groups that is 2012 timeline at the moment.

  7. priya says:

    Please add my support to this petition. I have withdrawn my application two weeks back as I am not willing to put up with the arrogant attitude of DIAC and complete lack of respect it is showing to applicants. I am seeking a refund of the visa charges.

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