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457 visa workers to get fair pay under new laws

Skilled migrants employed on temporary visas will have to be paid the same rates as local workers who do the same job, under changes introduced by the Australian government today.

Previously, employers were required to pay 457 visa workers an immigration specific wage of as little as $38,000 a year, regardless of the sector they worked in.

The new market pay rates are designed to prevent migrant workers from being exploited and employers have until January next year to comply or face fines of up to $33,000.

says the changes will also protect local jobs.

It “ensures the proper price signals are in place for employers to find local workers first,”Immigration Minister Chris Evans said in a statement.

Earlier this year, the Rudd government lifted the minimum English language requirements of temporary migrant workers in trade occupations and hospitality.

This brought the language standards in line with those required for migrant workers on permanent sponsored visas.

A formal skills assessment process is also being developed to ensure the skills of temporary migrant workers meet the expectations of Australian workplaces.

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