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Buyer Beware !! Henderson International New Zealand

In 2014, we ran a series of advertisements on behalf of a New Zealand based company called Henderson International (www.hendersoninternational.co.nz).

The company claims to provide administration services for UK pension transfers to New Zealand and is run by one Jeremy Henderson, the proprietor of the company. Naturally, anyone wishing to move a substantial sum of money overseas needs to be assured that the company involved is trustworthy and reputable. Sadly we cannot make that assertion about Henderson International.

Over the past 4 years, we have made continued attempts to be paid for the advertisements placed in our magazine and on more than a dozen occasions have been promised payment by Mr Henderson – none of which have been honoured. We therefore advise anyone thinking about using this company’s services to be aware that (i) it is entirely unregulated by any financial body in the UK or New Zealand and (ii) despite charging 2.5% for pension transfers Mr Henderson has repeatedly claimed that he has no money. In our opinion, entrusting your hard earned money to someone who plays fast and loose with his own bills is risky at best.

We have written to the company as well as the New Zealand Financial Conduct regulators and await their response.

As it says on their website “because getting your money here is only half the story”; how very true.

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