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Get your FREE visa assessment at Down Under Live

One of the many unique features of a Down Under Live event is the free visa assessments on offer to all ticket holders.

They are an invaluable guide to your eligibility to emigrate to Australia, and registered migration agent John Adams of Immigration2Oz shares his thoughts on how the process works and how to avoid those queues by registering in advance…

1. What will I learn from completing the form in advance ?
You’ll know if you can go – and best visa for you. You won’t have to queue, at all, to receive your visa evaluation at the expo.

2. Isn’t it easier to do it at the show?
No, there are very long queues at the expo. There are usually two queues to see Immigration2oz at the expo: 1) to register your details on their iPads, and 2) then to queue up to check the result of the evaluation, and have a quick chat to their RMAs. Pre-registering will allow you to fast-track this process. You can join the second queue directly, making your time with the Agents more constructive.

3. If I pre-register do I need to queue at all?
Not if you don’t want to. If you are satisfied with the result of your evaluation you don’t necessarily need to queue. To facilitate the fast track process: Immigration2oz will present a seminar presentation at around 12:00 pm. The presentation should answer many of your questions. Immigration2oz also will be taking consultation bookings for serious migrants, taking place a few weeks after the expo (on the 11th and 12th June). If you do not fancy queueing you could always see one of their queue managers and book an appointment for one of these private one-to-one meetings, which are discounted from £120 to only £30 at the expo!

i2oz Expos

4. Why is a visa assessment useful?
Knowing if you qualify for a visa to Australia is vital. If you don’t have a visa you cannot travel to Australia, let alone live, or work there. The Australian Migration Regulations are extremely complex and ever-changing, which is why you should get one of our visa experts to check your eligibility carefully. They will also recommend the best visa for you.

5. Do you share my details with other companies ?
We are subject to Data Protection Act & will only share your details with other companies if you permit us to do so.

6. How long will it take to fill the form out ?
The form takes about 10 minutes to complete, as it is quite detailed. The detail allows that the registered migration agents to overlay your circumstances to the regulations, thereby finding you a visa match. Most of the questions are pointed to the Migration Regulations. The more detailed your eligibility form, the more thorough the evaluation. The Registered Migration Agents are also regulated and must comply with Data Protection laws, so your data will be treated in the strictest of confidence.

7. Will I need to bring any documents with me to the show ?
You don’t necessarily need to bring anything to the expo, in regard to the visa evaluation, all that we ask is that you answer the visa eligibility form as accurately and truthfully as you can; paying special attention to the details regarding your skills. Information about your work experience, and qualification start and end dates are vital to the result of the evaluation, so please pay attention to what the questions are asking of you.

8. Does my partner need to fill in a separate form too?
No, that is not necessary. If you are a couple you only need to fill in one form, as there is space for both your details. Also, the Registered Agents can easily switch who the main applicant will be.

To register, simply complete the form here


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