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Published on September 15th, 2014 | by john.weir


Join us in New Zealand !!

People from all over the UK are seizing the opportunity to start a new life in New Zealand and Christchurch still needs plenty more hands to help restore the city to its former glory.

The Giltinan family (Steven, Clare and daughter Robyn, 17), visited Down Under Live, to get a job, and thanks to meeting New Zealand Skills in Demand at the show, are now enjoying a new life in the land of the long white cloud. Here’s their story…

“Like many families in the UK, we felt that Britain did not hold a promising future for us; the media and everyday conversations appeared to be about “Broken Britain” and we felt it was time for a new challenge. We wanted to move to a different country and drew up a shortlist of English speaking countries (we both knew we were rubbish at learning new languages)! America had too many guns, Canada got too cold in the winter, and Australia was too hot in the summer. So we started to research that “small island off the coast of Australia” (I admit we were extremely ignorant of the other side of the world).

Then we went to New Zealand for a vacation in February last year; New Zealand just blew us away! It ticked all the boxes including boxes we didn’t have! We loved the country, the lifestyle, the climate, and the people. More than that, we loved the “can-do” attitude of the Kiwis, the work ethic seemed high and people seemed to be genuinely nice and genuinely interested in you. Later in the year, we attended a Down Under Live Expo, which further cemented New Zealand in our minds. Joel from New Zealand Skills in Demand chatted with us about what New Zealand had to offer and we ended up finding a company that offered a short course 300 miles from home, so we made a weekend out of it and came home with the necessary qualification.

Our move cost us about $26,000 NZ (about £12,000). Luckily, these costs were spread out over the year so we didn’t have a huge bill to pay at once, but it was still costly. The most stressful part of migrating was our family being separated for two months. Steven had to grasp his job opportunity with both hands, so when his New Zealand Work Visa was awarded on 18 March 2013, he left for New Zealand to start working and setting up our new rental home. We were all rewarded with full residence status on 24 June 2013. Clare and Robyn made a special trip to the New Zealand Embassy in London on the 24 June to obtain our full residence status and left the UK that evening to go to New Zealand.

Since we’ve arrived here, we’ve found Christchurch is such a beautiful place that we can’t see us leaving the area. Everyone here has been very welcoming. Whilst Steven has been working, people have come up to him to thank him for coming out to help re-build their city. We now live in the North New Brighton area of Christchurch, which is only a few minutes from the beach.The beach always seems to be full of activity even in the winter…full of joggers, surfers and dog walkers. There appears to be a shortage of houses and lots of people are looking for temporary rental property whilst their own houses are being repaired or re-built due to the earthquake damage. It does mean that there is a definite housing boom and lots of new builds which in turn means lots of jobs. Perfect scenario for us due to Steven being in the building trade! Eventually we will build our own dream home.

If you’d like to join Steven and his family in New Zealand, then make sure you get your tickets for Down Under Live – Glasgow & Birmingham, October 2014. You can meet Joel and the team from New Zealand Skills in Demand, get a free visa assessment from Migration Associates and chat to Immigration New Zealand about what this great country has to offer.


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