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457 visas not just temporary solution

A new report shows that 457 visa holders are seeing their roles as far more permanent

The report, from The Migration Council Australia reveals that 457 workers have a high level of job satisfaction, demonstrating that they are integrating well into the Australian workforce. Migration Council Australia’s chief executive Carla Wilshire said the findings showed that the 457 visa program is critical in keeping Australia competitive.

“Four out of five multinational companies are using 457 visa holders to train and develop Australian workers,” Ms Wilshire said.“The survey results reinforce the message that skills-transfer and knowledge from 457 visa holders play an important role in building Australia’s human capital.”

“Temporary migration does not just fill skills shortages, it addresses skills deficits and plays a central part in workplace development at the enterprise level,” she said. The report also confirmed that 85pc of employers were satisfied with the scheme, and showed that most employers were using the program to fill skills shortages.

“While the vast majority of 457 visa holders indicated they were settling into Australia well, the focus needs to be on spouses and dependents,” she said.

“Having a spouse that works makes it more likely that 457 visa holders will stay in Australia and extending support services on a needs-basis ensures we capture their skills.” The report details that more than 70pc of 457 visa holders intend to become permanent residents in the future.

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2 Responses to 457 visas not just temporary solution

  1. freedom is not free says:

    Good comment Rick! as for me Advance Australia Where???

  2. rick searle says:

    I came across your website and you are misleading your readers. Australia has an increasing unemployment rate , there are 1.5 million Aussies currently living in poverty. The cost of rent in major cities is among the most expensive in the world. Australia has shed 20,000 mining jobs in the last 12 months, and the car industry and manufacturing in general is in steep decline. Australian economic statistics are manipulated beyond belief by the Australian Bureau of Statistics to make Australia appear as if it is a leading example on how to manage an economy, but the reality is that Australia is fast becoming a third world country. There is a chronic shortage of housing with over 120,000 Australians currently homeless and continuing to increasing. The average wage continually quoted as $70,000 is just not true, more than 66% of the Australian population earn less than this wage. 457 and other visa holders are causing massive youth unemployment in this country and nearly all suspected visa breaches once investigated reveal widespread rorting and underpayment of wages where people are brought into this country as skilled workers in an in demand occupation only to be found employed as an unskilled person , these jobs could have been given to our youth.

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