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Migration to Australia to provide population growth

A report out today argues that migration to Australia will be the only source of population growth through to 2020.

Australia already boasts the highest percentage of foreign-born population in the world (24.6%), and the report, from IBIS World, predicts that net migration to Australia will become the only form of population growth, with more than 2.5 million new migrants arriving in the next 11 years.

One of the key benefits of Australia migration has been a slowing in the median age – Australia’s ageing population and comparatively low fertility rate is predicted cause the number of annual deaths to overtake the number of babies born, probably some time in the 2030s. The median age of Australia’s population is 36.7 years, and IBISWorld expects this to rise to 37.9 by 2020 (compared to 27.5 in 1971).

Ironically, one side effect of the Rudd government’s decision to curb the country’s migration program may be to make residents make more conservative decisions about childbearing – slowing the rate of population growth for the next couple of years.

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