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More temporary residents for Australia

New figures released by Australia’s Department of Immigration and Citizenship reveal that approximately 1.75 million people are currently living in Australia on a temporary basis. The figures show that the number of temporary residents in Australia on either a tourist, foreign student, working holidaymaker or 457 skilled worker visa as of 31 December 2012 was up by 7.2% on a year previously. New Zealanders are by far the most represented nationality living temporarily in Australia, with over 615,000 Kiwis present in Australia at the end of last year – this number has increased by 5.4% from the previous year’s total. Monash University population expert Dr Bob Birrell told Australian media that the number of Kiwis living temporarily in Australia is “extraordinary”, and described the fact that Kiwis can stay in Australia for as long as they liked under a Trans-Tasman agreement as a major draw. Dr Birrell said that the Kiwi influx was adding about 30,000 people a year to Australia’s net migration intake as the economic gulf between the two Tasman countries continues to grow. “So it makes sense if you’re looking for a job to move to Australia rather than stay in New Zealand,” he explained. “It’s like a bottomless pit, the numbers are really significant. “They, like working holidaymakers, students and others, add to the competition for jobs, for space on our roadways and for housing,” he said. Dr Birrell also said that Kiwis living in Australia on temporary visas should be given permanent residence, but only if limits were placed on future movement of people from NZ to live and work in Australia.


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