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The most in demand jobs in Australia for 2013

Accountants, registered nurses, childcare workers and IT mobility developers are the most in demand professions according to new research.

The latest Quarterly Report from recruitment firm Hays covering January to March 2013, shows that there are clear pockets of shortages for specific skills in a number of sectors including healthcare and IT.

As more workers across Australia expect to be able to work from home for example, the demand for IT mobile specialists could quickly exceed the number of qualified job candidates. Based on the hiring plans of Hays’ clients over the next quarter, the report forecasts that the energy sector will also face fierce competition for skilled workers from the higher salaries on offer in the oil and gas industry.

Things could be looking better for the construction industry with the commencement of a number of large scale projects boosting the recruitment for permanent jobs in the sector.

Another group of workers looking to be in high demand are skilled childcare workers, as the Australian government need qualified staff to oversee new qualification standards.

“Whilst these skills are in hot demand, employers remain cautious about hiring candidates that appear to have moved around too often and they are also being very specific with their requirements, being more demanding about core and soft skills,” says Nick Deligiannis, Managing Director of Hays in Australia.

“Employers want candidates with a proven and stable background, and some are willing to wait to find the exact match. In terms of long-term solutions some employers are interested in candidates that can take a step up to fill a role rather than have someone more senior take a step back.”

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