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New South Wales looks for more migrants

Want to move to Sydney ? You could be in luck as Australian state New South Wales has increased the number of occupations in its skills list.

There were previously only a few occupations in New South Wales’s State’s Migration Plan in order to be eligible for a state sponsored Australia visa most of which were highly skilled jobs such as accountancy, biomedical engineering and architecture.

The new plan covers a large number of medical and health care jobs including optometrist, osteopath, dentist, podiatrist, cardiologist, paediatrician, surgeon, urologist, pathologist, radiologist, nurse practioners, intensive care specialist and audiologist.

There are also an increased number of trades including in the new list such as electrician, mechanic, carpenter, bricklayer, plasterer, plumber, sheet metal workers, metal machinist, pressure welder, metal fabricator, fitter and car electricians.

You can see the full list by clicking here –

A spokesman for the NSW government said ‘The NSW government recognises that migrants play an integral part in growing our state’s economy. In economic terms, migration plays a critical role in supporting industry and boosting our productive capabilities,’

‘Migrants can provide many of the skills required to underpin growth in our economy, and in developing regional NSW, where the impact of skills shortages can be amplified due to smaller populations and dispersed settlement,’ he explained.

‘The NSW government values the role of migrants, foreign students and visitors in helping to establish international relationships. Cultural and economic links can create opportunities to leverage our diversity to support NSW’s trade and investment performance,’ he added.

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2 Responses to New South Wales looks for more migrants

  1. Chadman Thomas says:

    I am an 8 year journeyman machinist. Could my skillset be an asset? 28 years old and have nothing holding me back.

  2. Paul Warrender says:

    I work as a hgv mechanic/fabricator welder and was wondering if you had any vacancies to suit,if i can be of any further assistance dont hesitate to contact me

    Best regards
    Paul Warrender

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