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Western Australia looks for 100,000 new workers

Western Australia Premier Colin Barnett said that the state’s resources sector will need another 100,000 skilled workers in the future.
Despite mining companies in Queensland and WA slashing jobs Barnett said the resources sector was still set to grow. ABC News reports Mr Barnett also said the fall in commodity prices would be a temporary problem for the industry.

He said that “Through this decade we expect liquefied natural gas production to treble and we expect iron ore production to double. There’s probably the need for another 100,000 people to come across into Western Australia and take up jobs.”

Mr Barnett’s comments come as Department of Immigration figures show that the numbers of skilled migrants going to WA, particularly managers and professionals, is soaring.

Monash University population expert Bob Birrell said WA was getting a “disproportionate share” of English-speaking migrants.

“This is a very good thing from the point of view of the WA economy because these people are most likely to have the language skills needed to work in professional positions and trade positions,” he said.

Despite recent reports of a slowdown in the mining industry, business leader and Macquarie Group chairman WA, Mark Barnaba, said Perth’s employment scene was more sophisticated than ever.

“We’ve had growth rates of recent times that mimic those of Asia,” Mr Barnaba said.

“There’s an increasing sophistication in the state. We’re not just attracting people, we’re attracting very good people. We’ve seen global law firms come in, global consulting firms and many more large companies.”

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