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How to get a mining job in Australia – with no experience

Many thousands of people are looking to join the mining boom in Australia – here is some practical advice on how to do it.

For most jobseekers looking for work in the resources industry having ‘mining experience’ is the Holy Grail.Despite a wealth of transferrable skills and boundless enthusiasm, without mining experience most job applications won’t go far.Whilst many recruiters and job experts have long advised inexperienced applicants to apply for utility work on the mines, most jobseekers are usually unimpressed with the advice.

Nevertheless starting work as a cleaner, bar tender, or other support role, can be one of the best ways for inexperienced applicants to get a foot in the door.Once on the inside, moving around within a company and the industry is much easier.With more and more work up for offer some jobseekers are taking this advice and scoring work.

One successful applicant, Steven Chivers, a qualified baker with no mining experience, told Australian Mining over Twitter he’d just scored a job in the industry as a fly-in fly-out bar tender and kitchen hand. Chivers said while he wasn’t working in the pit, the pay was still great.

Chivers said that applying for everything, and not being picky about work available, was good advice for jobseekers.But he said the best thing workers could do was make themselves readily available to the companies they were applying for. In Chivers’s case he flew to Perth and started applying for every job he could.

Chivers said with these golden rules he’d found it easy to gain work in the industry. And most importantly, he didn’t have any experience. On one of his Twitter comments he said that he had been offered 4 jobs in one day and that “the jobs are there, just come!!”.

If you want to join the mining boom in Western Australia, come to Down Under Live, in London, Birmingham, Leeds and Glasgow.


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26 Responses to How to get a mining job in Australia – with no experience

  1. Elpidio MMostoles says:

    Sir,I have more than 15 years driving experience including but not limited to a backhoe operation,I worked most in construction and transport company as a heavy equipment driver and now worked here in SAUDI ARABIA as a long haul trailer driver.may I know if my experienced will suit for mining job.thank you very much

  2. Max Hankin says:

    What visa would you need for a cleaner or bar tender?

  3. emma says:

    hi, im 42yrs of age and wondered if i could apply / or be sponserd by the mining industry doing any type of position hav many abilities in domesticated positions and very good customer relations, of 20yrs exp,;also good sales approach, very good deligating with issues. please contact me soon be much appreciated,

  4. Pat says:

    Hi I’m Pat, I’ve been thinking of try out the outback for a change of pace. I’m 34 and have 16 years experience and wanted to know if it would be hard for me to get a job. It seems like your always asking for nonexperienced people. I’ve sunk shafts, drove drifts inclines and declines, mostly development but some production. Would much appreciate hearing back from you thanks

    Hard Rocker

  5. Carol says:

    I’m a HR Manager recently made redundant from a large financial organisation in the UK and am looking to work in Australia. I have no commitments, dependants, responsibilities or ties in the UK so am available immediately. I have no mining experience but do have 24 office management and HR experience but am willing to start anywhere as long as it gets me over there. Any suggestions?

  6. Rob says:

    Do you Know if there are job oppotunities for Ductwork surveyers?

  7. Steve says:

    Could you please tell me what the maximum age limit is to apply for a job in the mining industry in Perth WA.

    Thanking you

    Steve H

  8. Steve says:

    Could you please tell me what the maximum age limit is to apply for a job in the mining industry in Perth WA.

    Thanking you


  9. ashraf says:

    Are you looking for traffic Logistics Coordinators for mining industry?

  10. Raymond Donnell says:

    Hi were abouts in Leeds are the meetings taking place on the 3rd and 4th of November Thank you.

  11. Charlie says:


    When is the London session?


  12. Raymond Donnell says:

    Hi what time are the meetings taking place on the 3rd and 4th of November in Leeds thank you.

  13. Dan says:

    The reason companies ask for “mining experience” is that they can get it ! They have plenty of qualified applicants to choose from despite this restriction.

    They could cast the net wider if they had to. They could go to Michael Page or whatever and say “get us qualified 100 engineers from FMCG or car manufacture for interview in London next month, we have 30 positions available”

    With a free hand on pay and a relocation package they would have no trouble filling those roles.

    But they don’t cast the net wider, and why should they ? People are turning up at the door.

  14. Faisal Mansoor Qureshi says:

    I am currently working as senior position in World Bank funded infrastructure civil Road project with multinational French Construction Company in Tanzania Africa. I am looking job New Zealand Immigration & Settlement
    construction boom in various infrastructure sectors. If you will interested and want my Interview Then I am ready to forwarding my updated CV for the “Quantity Surveyor /Estimator”. I am confident and professional Expert, I am 16 years professional overseas experienced Quantity Surveyor and estimator experience with AUTO CAD.

  15. Nadine says:

    this sounds fantastic. Did he have a working visa already or did the mine sponsor him??

  16. greg mckain says:

    Hi. What is the maximum age to apply for this job? Regards. Greg

  17. Matthew John Whysall says:

    Hiya, what dates are the meetings in Birmingham or Leeds? I live right between them 2 cities
    Yours sincerely
    Matthew J. Whysall

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