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Published on May 26th, 2009 | by john.weir


Grads head to New Zealand to continue studies as restrictions lifted

Graduates struggling to find employment in the UK are being urged to head to New Zealand, where its restrictions on study have been eased. From July 2009, travellers visiting New Zealand under the popular working holiday scheme will be allowed to study on more than one course throughout the duration of their stay in the country.
Currently, those visiting New Zealand under a working holiday visa can study only one course within a three-month period, although the visa allows them to work and travel in the country for up to 23 months. The new changes will ease restrictions on the number of courses that travellers can study and in some cases, allow travellers the option to extend their course from three to six months.
Over 9,000 people from the UK apply for a working holiday visa for New Zealand each year, allowing UK residents between the ages of 18-30 to live,  study, work and travel throughout the country. The visa was extended from one year to 23 months just over three years ago and there are unlimited places available annually to UK residents. In many cases, applications can be approved in less than three days when submitted online.

Andrew Lockhart, Regional Manager for Immigration New Zealand comments: “The changes to the working holiday scheme will now make it even easier for students and graduates to study in New Zealand. A wide range of courses is currently available to travellers, from postgraduate research to short courses in horticulture or viticulture.”
For further information about the Working Holiday Visa, please visit www.immigration.govt.nz/whs or call 09069 100 100 (calls cost £1 per minute).


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